#101 - Feral

With the festivities fast approaching, we like to think of ourselves as the Santa of the electronic music world... the gift that keeps on giving, if you will ;) It's been a storming year for our podcast series and this, the last of 2019, signs things off pretty damn beautifully thanks to Feral (Hypnus Records).

"Marked by his awakened sensibility to depth, Feral consistently carries a thread of spirituality throughout his work. He has inherently embodied the spirit of deep techno, of which defines Hypnus Records, through his passion for audio engineering, hardware experimentation and fascination for percussive instruments. Feral's affinity for the shamanic calls of the tribal drum have led him across the world to discover and nurture his defining sound. Finding comfort in the solitude of his studio, Feral's visions emerge in the crepuscular hours of his native city, Rome. With a heightened sense of spatial awareness, the sounds of Feral unearth the path of his multidimensional world, transporting the listening to a haunting, yet grounding refuge within."


Love and thanks to Feral for ensuring we close off 2019 in the most perfect or ways - a deep, dark and rhythmic trip to see you into the new year ❤️