#106 - Lakej

For podcast #106 we bring you a propulsive, expansive, rhythmic ride courtesy of Lakej (aka Filip Ström).

The Swedish born and bred artist first caught our attention with his contribution to the outstanding ‘Fear and Anxieties’ Semantica VA, prompting us to do some more digging, and we were not disappointed. His artistic outputs so far have included a debut EP on Adriana Lopez’s label, Grey Report and a digital EP on Edit Select, both honouring his journey through sound design and experimentation, and beautifully portraying his artistic style.


Lakej’s hour-long mix recorded just for 5th Day is an exhilarating ride – quite literally and in all the right ways – catapulting you up into the skies to dance among the clouds, before gently grounding you, only to launch you off again – every twist and turn breathing with a fresh lease of life.


Pulsating with energy, love and spirit, we were taken to beautiful places and reminded of only good things (which, let’s face it, can be kinda needed in these crazy times!).


Where will it take you? <3


Facebook: www.facebook.com/lakej.music/
SoundCloud: @lakej