#100 - Anthony Linell

Well here it is you lucky lot... in case you didn't make it for our final shindig at Corsica Studios back in February, and so you can relive it if you did, we bring you the full 6-hour DJ set from Anthony Linell as the 100th addition to our podcast stream.

Well come on, it had to be something special...


Five years of mixes and live recordings from a whole host of passionate music lovers and creatives from around the globe... what better way to mark the big 100!


Anthony played at one of our very first Corsica events, and has been a huge inspiration throughout our journey so far, so it was a no brainer to bring him back for our closing event... and it was magic! The perfect way to close of a beautiful chapter of epic gatherings in London.


Enjoy 5th Dayers, thank you so much to all of you for listening and showing the love for our podcasts over the years, and huge thanks to

Anthony for this perfect contribution!



SoundCloud: @anthonylinell

Facebook: www.facebook.com/anthonylinell/

RA: www.residentadvisor.net/dj/anthonylinell