#091 - Glµ

Part way through our stretch of parties at Corsica Studios we were fortunate to cross paths with a very special soul, someone whose deeply-rooted love for deep, hypnotic, atmospheric techno had pulled him in the direction of On the 5th Day during his first few days in London, and heck are we grateful for that! From those very first conversations we knew we were onto something special and that that was the beginning of an inspiring friendship. We weren't wrong!

It gives us much happiness therefore to introduce you to gLu, the artistic project of London-based Cauê Borba.

Spending the first part of his journey playing local clubs and afters while living in southern Brazil, Cauê soon formed an unshakeable bond with vinyl, falling more and more deeply into a devotion to creating transformative journeys to alter states of mind. Fast-forward 8 years and he's firmly but ever so humbly making a name for himself within the local scene, honouring his ongoing passion for a sound and style that inspired the very beginnings of On the 5th Day, and which continues to move, inspire and motivate us.

Here's a very special vinyl podcast from the man himself. Enjoy! <3