#103 - Masafumi Take

Well 5th Dayers, we have no doubts this is going inject a big, bad-ass dose of pure energy into your day. Step forward Masafumi Take, Tokyo based DJ, producer and founder/co-owner of Katharsis Recordings and the man behind podcast #103!

It’s the ultimate pleasure inducer to bring you the creative flair and musical vision of artists around the globe, each contributing something unique and original to the 5th Day stream to keep it thriving in all the right ways, and this right here is major example of the originality we speak of!


Joining the likes of Valentino Mora, Giorgio Gigli and Refracted on local line-ups, beautifully complimenting an abundance of solid talent to have emerged out of Japan, Take represents a thriving underground scene which is making a name for itself as one of the best in the world.


Thank you for putting love and energy into this mix Masafumi! <3


Soundcloud: @masafumitake
Facebook: facebook.com/MasafumiTakeOfficial/