#108 - The Alchemical Theory

As communities across the world unite in a shared vow to protect the vulnerable in our society, we find ourselves mesmerised by another very special union, this time of a musical trio – Kill Acid on Space, Unclear and Øyvind – collectively known as The Alchemical Theory.


A project born from a shared love for mysticism, alchemy and nature, the creative union of these three Italian artists and friends is working wonders – three artistic visions united to gift us with an endless stream of inspiration (check out Illegal Alien Records, Northallsen Records, End of Perception, Norite, Lett Records and more recently, Affin), with plenty more where this came from (keep an eye on Oslated on 30th March!).


We’re honoured to the max to be able to bring you their brand new live set, delivering a remarkable trip through otherworldly dimensions, guided by deep and alluring, atmospheric soundscapes to infiltrate and awaken the deepest corners of the mind, coupled with driving rhythms calling to our desire for freedom – freedom from the constraints of our minds, bodies and external environment.


A liberation of the heart, mind and soul – perhaps needed now more than ever.


As ever, enjoy <3


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