#069 - Tunnel

This time we bring you Tunnel, a Chicago based live performance artist and sound sculptor with a love for broken rhythms, uniting elements of ambient, drone, sub-bass and techno “into a sonic tapestry, resting somewhere between fervor and séance, chaos and artistry.”. A powerful, pulsating, standout combo that we simply can’t get enough of! Hearing this very special recording for the first time stopped us in our tracks, hearts racing and palms sweaty as the ritualistic intensity and intoxicating rhythms engulfed us.

When he’s not performing and creating kick-ass journeys such as this, Tunnel is managing his label, webuildmachines, launched in 2013 and featuring a strong line of sh*t-hot releases from some exciting international, boundary-pushing talent, himself included of course… all expanding the definition of techno and modern ritual.

His own releases over recent years have attracted high praise from the likes of Dave Clarke, drumcell, Surgeon, Tommy Four Seven, to name but a few, and you simply have to feast your ears on his impressive library of creative outputs to understand why!

“Through darkness, towards the light within.”

Settle into the sounds of Tunnel and witness the evolution of techno music.

FB: www.facebook.com/tunnel.into.mind/
RA: www.residentadvisor.net/dj/tunnel
SC: @tun-nel