#102 - Dario Duegra

We were lucky enough to cross paths with Dario Duegra at paral.lel last year – DJ, co-founder of the NODE project and COO of one of the finest techno havens Barcelona has to offer, Garage of the Bass Valley. It was one of those chance meetings that quickly flourishes – in this case into friendship and an inspiring collaboration fuelled by a shared love for the deeper realms of modern electronic music.

Expressing his love for deep, cerebral, heady techno through his various creative projects, and behind the decks in a way that speaks volumes to us 5th Day lot, it’s our absolute pleasure to bring you an hour-long mix courtesy of the man himself. We were lucky enough to experience the last NODE event and were massively impressed with the vision for the night, the crowd, the space and of course NODE’s resident artists,


Dario included. It was a night to remember!


Enjoy, 5th Dayers and thank you Dario!