#092 - Eyvind Blix

It’s always a HUGE honour for us to be able to feature the recording of a DJ or live set in our podcast series - capturing a unique and very special moment in time for the artist, and all the lucky merrymakers fortunate enough to experience it; where it feels like the recording is infused with the energy of that moment, so that you can practically hear, see and feel it all as if you were there.

We’re super stoked therefore to bring you a recording of the live set performed by Eyvind Blix at this year’s La Vallée Électrique (podcast #093).

Picture an idyllic setting, 500 happy souls locked together in a celebration of nature, music, life, and your soundtrack is this absolute beauty, keeping you shimmying and shaking in all the right ways as you’re engulfed in a heady state of ethereal bliss, where in that moment, everything just seems to make sense.



“It’s hard to describe in words, but wow…. It was so magical, in all aspects… and it was in the middle of the night, you could taste the dawn in the end of the set. I felt I could really stretch the sound and just let it be very monotonic.”


Heck, we really do get it... nope, we can feel it… the subtlety of the groove and delicate shifts whispering “come with me”, encircled with delicious percussions igniting your senses and pulling you into a warm embrace.


Hells yes!


Our biggest love and gratitude to Eyvind for sharing this with us, and you lucky lot, enjoy the ride! Close your eyes, get ready to be transported, and we’ll meet you there! ;)


SoundCloud: @eyvind-blix
RA: www.residentadvisor.net/dj/eyvindblix