#080 - Nothing is Real & OutpostLive

Podcast #080 is a collaboration between Nothing Is Real and OutpostLive... not to be missed! Biogs for each below. Enjoy! ❤

Nothing is Real - an Italian techno duo uniting long-time bass producers, D-Operation Drop and Spacedrome with a fundamentally clean-cut focus on the live facets of techno music and digital arts (including 3D Video Mapping). Drawing on early influences from sub-heavy sound system culture, through the energetic UK styles of the past 20 years, and onto the pulsating modern techno scene, Nothing Is Real fuses a vast array of musical inspiration with years of production experience to create dynamic, raw and driving techno. The duo have been spent the large majority of their waking hours since early 2016 building elements, writing tracks, producing videos and enhancing their live performance.

OutpostLive - Sound, when alive, is a restless organism. And the sound that rises from Outpost's production is a pulsating life in continuous and relentless evolution. The simple attempt of defining it ends up bridling even the farthest idea of prismatic production. But what's inside Outpost – which prolifically unravels – is also the result of an immense study. These are seeds whose mysterious growth cannot be told, but just enjoyed. The journey is concrete and pulses in the nerves of who's in it. It departs from internal dimensions in the shape of a (just apparently) distant Earth; it moves between the broken rhythmics of hypnotic loops which are bridled by distortion chains, delays and reverbs. And, finally, lands to resonate as a new, aesthetic awareness; as a new approach to the sound matter.

SoundCloud: @nothingisrealproject / @outpostlive