#071 - Clairemonte

Podcast #071 comes from Clairmonte, a resident for our dear friends in Birmingham who run the Koden parties which sit at the heart of the local scene. We caught Clairmonte in action at one of their 2017 shindigs and liked what we heard, a lot. A delectable, deep, broken beat narrative packed full of emotional punch! We were fully engrossed, and left hungry for more.

How would he describe his style? "A wall of sound. I always want things to sound massive as I think that ultimately leads to a more immersive experience; more so in the club environment but either way, it's what I try to achieve. My sets must tell a story, so I'm trying to play with emotion rather than raw energy. I want people to truly connect with what they're listening to, rather than them be pounded into submission (although there is a time for that too of course!). Groove and feeling are both very important to me. Everything I do is inspired by emotion, and need. It's all about freedom. "

With his love for risk taking and spontaneity guiding him, Clairmonte is undoubtedly one to keep a close eye on.

For now, it's time to get immersed. Enjoy <3