#098 - mouseDown

Well, where do we start…. It all began on a warm Saturday in the pre-pyranese mountains at Paral.lel festival. We found our perfect chill out spot and were settling into a cold beer while our fellow campers slowly appeared from their tents to start a new day of music and connection. We happily surrendered to the beautiful surroundings and let the music carry us away… and then came MouseDown, an artist we hadn’t heard of before, but one we certainly wouldn’t forget in a hurry.

For the next three hours, mouseDown took us on a perfect, slowly evolving journey, creating a stunning, electric atmosphere that left us in a state of wonder and gratitude. Storytelling at its finest!


We immediately reached out to connect and express our appreciation, inviting mouseDown to be part of On the 5th Day’s podcast series in honour of that memory and moment in time, and to bring you a slice of the inspiration. mouseDown went onto record a very special vinyl only, 2.5 hour mix just for On the 5th Day, and here it is.


Here is an artist working absolute magic with heart, soul and humility, sweeping us music lovers off of our feet in the process! When he’s not DJ’ing, he’s producing under the alias, ABSIS... one to watch!


Big love mouseDown!


Enjoy, 5th Dayers <3


SoundCloud: @mousedown_up
RA: www.residentadvisor.net/dj/mousedown