#120 - Motion Symmetry

Podcast #120 comes at you from Motion Symmetry, an understated artist circulating the deeper spheres of the techno world, and founder of the NFEREE label featuring beautiful work by the likes of Evind Blix, Biocym and The Alchemical Theory, to name but a few.

For us, Motion Symmetry’ strikes a beautiful balance between the depth, drive, atmosphere and emotion that we love so much, the culmination of which is a sound and style that yanks at the yearnings from both the body and mind.


As Autumn begins to engulf us here in the UK, this epic mix energises us with all that we need to embrace a new chapter of the year, leaving us with a sense of nostalgia as we say goodbye to one season, as well as renewed energy - and courage - as we step forward.

No matter what goes on around us, let music remind us of the truth and beauty of all things, to keep striving for what we believe in and continue to seek the inspiration we need to stay focused, determined and hopeful for the future.

Big love Motion Symmetry, thank you for perfect journey!

SoundCloud: @motionsymmetry
FB: www.facebook.com/motionsymmetry/