#085 - Skóll

There’s got to be something in the water in Sweden… or it must be the beautiful abundance of lakes, forests and mountains. Whatever it is, we know we can’t get enough of the energy, inspiration and of course music coming out of the country thanks to a few key electronic music virtuosos. Skoll is undoubtedly one of them.

“Focusing on the deeper side of electronic music and influenced by the beautiful but harsh Scandinavian nature, esoterism and his fasciation for sound design, his music is located somewhere in between techno, ambient and drone, characterised by its deep and emotional elements, archaic ritualistic beats and dark atmosphere.”

Beyond his podcast for On the 5th Day which promises to transport you into an otherworldly land, we definitely recommend you check out Skoll’s latest Grief EP (951Beat), as well ‘Doctrine of the Ages’ from 2018 (Warok Music). It was on discovering this that we knew we had hit gold!

Welcome Skoll! <3