#081 - Szmer

Sometimes in life we need a little encouragement, a gentle nudge forward, or quite frankly a kick up the bum! Our 81st podcast does exactly that, for which we're sincerely grateful. Introducing Szmer (aka Michał Aleksiewicz), another gem to emerge from the thriving Polish scene. Szmer has been active in the techno world since 2011, performing at an abundance of events in Poland and across the world! He's released numerous records under three aliases spanning over multiple years and was previously a part of The Effaith duo and Mødule collective. In other words, he's nailing it!

His On the 5th Day podcast is dynamic, energetic, driving - all the right ingredients to fuel us through the week, and beyond!

Welcome Szmer and 5th Dayers, enjoy!

SoundCloud: @szmerpl
Facebook: www.facebook.com/szmer/