#116 - S Gytis

For us, some of the most profound mixes are those that begin with the gentle intoxication of ambient, taking you by the hand and guiding you slowly but surely into deeper realms of electronic music - a steady, heady, intoxicating dance in which you surrender yourself fully.

S Gytis, the artist behind podcast 116, has devoted himself to the art of crafting journeys just like this, uniting modern classic, ambient and deep techno, always with a strong emotional lead, to entice the listener and ensure our attention never sways. His sets have provided the perfect listening experience for festival goers at the likes of Lithuania’s Supynes Festival and Yaga Festival, with local nature in all its perfection being the idyllic setting for music which makes us feel like we’re being guided back to the source of it all.


S Gytis is also the co-founder of Ramu Records, a label and event series focusing on “quality music, freedom of expression, equality, love of nature and all the living beings” - also the lucky home to his debut vinyl release, Takeliu.


This mix was recorded at a Black Wave event in Lithuania’s beloved Kablys Club. How we wish we’d been there!


Enjoy <3


SoundCloud: @sgytis
FB: www.facebook.com/S-Gytis