#122 - Selik

For podcast #122 we warmly welcome Perth based artist, Selik to the On the 5th Day series.

Proudly spearheading the hypnotic, atmospheric side of techno across Australia’s west coast through DJ gigs, his podcast series (Interdimensional Exploration) and collaborating with the Grit and Boundless Plains projects which host ambient and techno events, Selik is a much respected, boundary pushing key player in the local scene. His mission is to guide us listeners into a reflective head space - a mission which he continuously accomplishes with great success through carefully crafted stories.


This epic journey crafted just for On the 5th Day is no exception, the perfect heady, almost-the-weekend pick-me-up.


Much love, Selik <3


FB: www.facebook.com/seliktechno/
SC: @selik_techno