#073 - Refracted

On 17th November we welcome Refracted to the line up for our final event of the year and in celebration, we bring you a special live recording from the man himself (podcast #073). Thank you Refracted!

For us, Refracted’s music penetrates the mind, body and soul like light through a prism - igniting rich colours in the form of feeling, movement and consciousness. His own personal take on electronic music (check out PoleGroup, Semantica, Silent Season) spans the realms of ambient through to techno, the latter being highly rhythmic, groove-heavy and often teaming with mind bending, psychedelic intensity. The organic feeling behind much of his music suggests it’s been created somewhere between the worlds of machines and nature, combining the best of both in a way which pulsates with life.

As one of the minds behind the otherworldly Parallel Festival line-ups, Refracted is a true appreciator of the transcendental possibilities through electronic music - the intertwining of its different forms with the ability to propel us to new dimensions, guided along the way by the mystical hidden voices of the music we love. His DJ sets illustrate his fine-tuned, well trained ear and his impressive story-telling ability and with a sound very close to On the 5th Day’s heart, we know this combo will make for another massively memorable moment in time for our books!

Join us on the 17th when he’ll be propelling us in to the cosmos so we can dance among the stars!