#087 - CYB

This week we bring you CYB - a producer, DJ and drummer with a love for the hypnotic, the percussive and the rhythmic.

Following a prolific drumming career, CYB was lured into the techno world via his own experimentation with synthesizers and drum machines, an instinctive continuation of his journey as a musician. Since 2015, he's been infusing the scene with his own outputs, heavily influenced by the pulsating techno he found himself pulled towards, including embarking on a couple of solid collaborative projects which saw his musical persona evolve and thrive. All along the way, CYB's aim has been to entice listeners to take a peak into his world, immersing themselves in his take on electronic music - amplifying the perception of music and inspiring at every turn!

This hour long mix does exactly that! Hypnotic techno lovers (and anyone ready to be carried away), this one's for you!


With love <3


SoundCloud: cybofficial
FB: www.facebook.com/CYBofficialpage