#086 - Scøpe

On the 5th Day podcasts just keep on giving, and number #086 is no exception. This time we bring you Korean DJ and producer, Scøpe with a tantalising trip to get you tingling in all the right ways.

Bringing new meaning to the word “hypnotic”, Scøpe's is a sound to transport you to the peripheries of space, engulfing you in an intricate, highly rhythmic tidal pool of sound, sizzling with its own unique intensity and working absolute wonders both on and off the dance floor. If you haven’t already, we strongly urge you to check out his recent “Corrode” EP featuring stunning remixes by more of our biggest loves: Svreca, Xanexx and Acronym.

Extending his love for music beyond his own creations to the much admired SCOPÁVIK platform, focusing on parties, a label and podcast stream, Scøpe is another creator keeping us energised in all the right ways and it is our biggest pleasure to welcome him.

Biggest love!

SoundCloud: @scopekim
FB: www.facebook.com/scopepage
RA: www.residentadvisor.net/dj/scope-kr