#094 - Droneghost

Just back from an inspirational experience in the mountains thanks to Paral.lel festival, we’re feeling the love more than ever for the music world we’re so lucky to be a part of. In celebration, we bring you another perfectly crafted journey to keep the inspiration flowing, courtesy of Droneghost, the project of Barcelona based Jaume Muntsant.

A few years back we stumbled across Droneghost’s dark and delectable productions (check out Systolic, Circular Limited, Left Records and we were instantly engrossed, falling more deeply into a sweet, unshakeable romance with the darker, hypnotic realms of electronic music.

Droneghost’s slow, linear style, as illustrated herewith, invites you to step into his world, guiding you through the back alleys of the darker dimensions, up and out into the light.

Love and thanks Droneghost <3