#082 - Undveld

On the 5th Day podcast #082 comes to you from Undveld, an artist who has ever so humbly yet majestically been working his magic from his hometown in Lithuania.

We were lucky enough to discover Unveld in 2016, stumbling across his 6-part release, The Reach (Off World Colonies) which instantly spoke to us in a profound way. Unique, dynamic, never been heard before. Beautiful work!

Since then, we’ve been eagerly following him and have time and time again, thanks to his creative outputs, found ourselves immersed in worlds flitting between darkness and light; his music enriched with the depth, energy and quality we find ourselves drawn to - music to move the body, inspire the mind and invigorate the soul.

His most recent release, Unraveling featuring on Semantica’s Fear and Anxieties compilation (part 2/3) has had us practically drooling - another perfect portrayal of the Undveld we’ve come to love.

His podcast for On the 5th Day guides us through an otherworldly experience - a truly unique and welcome addition to the stream.

Support and follow Undveld here:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/undveld/

SoundCloud: @undveld