#070 - Leghau

A beautiful sonic journey through mysterious landscapes; through realms of darkness, into light and back again…. for podcast 070 we bring you an extended 2hr20 mix from French producer, Leghau.

With releases on Children of Tomorrow, Dynamic Reflection and Figure to name but a few, Leghau navigates the world of music creation with a hunger for growth and an openness for evolution, exploring the worlds of ambient, experimental and techno with curiosity and originality. He has performed for some of the world’s finest electronic music haunts, experiences which combined with his studio time continue to inspire his journey, pulling him in the direction of new projects and experimentation. In 2015, for example, he introduced his second alias Doseo, and released the album « Trip », an ambient adventure merging with experimental. We know we’re excited to see what’s coming next for him.