#083 - Rookas

Podcast #083 is a dark, heaving, complex journey courtesy of Rookas, co-owner of Lithuania's DAI which has been running monthly nights in the country's capital since 2010! Housed in the stunning Kablys venue situated in an old Soviet-built brutalist-classicist building, DAI dedicates itself to "solid and dark-fringed techno, always leaving some space for experimental and leftfield sounds including ambient, industrial and noise."

In this very special recording, Rookas brings to life the DAI events in the most perfect of ways, combining industrial infused tension with a hefty tide of percussions and rhythms - potent, heady and intoxicating - a dream situation for the very darkest and most sweaty of dance floors, and beat-ravenous revellers alike; the ideal blend to leave you gasping for air, and gagging for more!

We're honoured to be able to share this unique and very special gem with you. As ever, enjoy <3