#114 - Valentin Ginies

For podcast 114 we’re excited to introduce you to another talented creative we’ve been fortunate enough to cross paths with, Valentin Ginies.

Originating from Montpellier in southern France and spending nine years in San Francisco before relocating to Berlin, Valentin has dedicated much of his life to music - a journey which has seen him play piano and drums, and take to the decks at the tender age of 16.

These days, when he’s not Dj’ing or producing, he’s running his new imprint, 11001 Records - its first vinyl release by Valentin out next month - as well as the Teufelsberg Domecast ambient experimental podcast series, for which he is co-founder, featuring live sets performed straight out of the Dots-Gallery of West Berlin’s Teufelsberg (an old NSA field station active during the Cold War).


If you’re curious what he’s been up to in the studio, check out his recent remix for The Alchemical Theory (Circular Limited): tinyurl.com/yboe8vmz


His podcast for us is a deep, rhythmic, trippy ride… just how we like it.


Thank you Valentin <3


SoundCloud: @valentinginies
Facebook: www.facebook.com/valentinginies/
RA: www.residentadvisor.net/dj/valentinginies