#115 - OPL

As an On the 5th Day favourite, OPL has contributed to our podcast stream twice previously - two years ago with a mix we continue to cherish as the deep, hypnosis inducing work of art that it is, and secondly in partnership with Nothing is Real in 2019.

It’s therefore our profound pleasure to bring you another stellar journey courtesy of this understated artist who, in his devotion to “dark, introspective soundscapes, shamanic rhythms and wide, energetic base lines” continuously hits the nail on the head for us when it comes to the darkest, emotion infused, most seductive of journeys.


His productions and mixes alike all succeed in feeding our hunger for introspection and right now, more than ever perhaps, our profound yearning for a dance floor tucked away deep in nature.


Thank you OPL <3


Soundcloud: @outpostlive
Facebook: www.facebook.com/OutpostLive/
RA: www.residentadvisor.net/dj/outpostlive-opl