#110 - Unclear

Well we’ll simply start by saying a massive, heartfelt thanks to Unclear, the artist behind the 110th contribution to our ever-growing podcast series.


Today was one of THOSE days, you know.. where you feel like you might self-combust?! You’ve pushed yourself too hard with work, or perhaps lock down is getting to you a bit, or you’ve been stuck in your own mind…. well it was a bit like that for us until we dipped into this beauty, and we felt the tension literally melt away. Phew!

Unclear (aka Paolo Bianco) has been a busy bee of late, directing his creative energies into multiple projects, including The Alchemical Theory, Kill Acid on Space and Øyvind – each delivering a unique takes on deep and hypnotic techno, awakening the deepest corners of the mind to facilitate the ultimate release.


This special journey on vinyl offers the respite and relief many of us are seeking at the moment, and for that we’re truly thankful.


Thank you Unclear <3


Facebook: www.facebook.com/Unclear/
SoundCloud: @unclear000
RA: www.residentadvisor.net/dj/unclear