At the heart of On the 5th Day are our events at London’s best underground music venue, Corsica Studios.


Each of the artists we add to our line-ups, both guests and residents, are a crucial piece to a visionary puzzle which once complete, delivers a musical work of art. We select artists not only for our appreciation of their sound and creative intention, but by asking who will inspire, amplify and potentially ignite something unique and unexpected in another. We also recognise the familiar desire amongst many underground electronic music virtuosos to not only share the sound and style that they are known for, but to experiment and explore within and beyond the walls of that sound. By carefully shaping line-ups in the way that we do, artists are free, welcome and nudged to do just that. 


Working in this way may be a creative gamble, but is one we wholeheartedly embrace. The price of that gamble? Nights which push boundaries, open minds, provoke new thinking, shape new tastes and provide artists with the space and freedom to illustrate their different colours to a music hungry, appreciative and connected crowd.


With increasing trust and confidence in On the 5th Day from our followers, we can continue to book an exciting array of artists, many of whom may be lesser known, but are beginning to make hugely valuable ripples in the scene, igniting new direction and movement within it.

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