October 27, 2020

"I want to push the brain of the viewer to go through a process, and so to go beyond the simple overview of a cold and dark photo, and instead to start digging into the picture to find his favourite detail, spend some time analysing the scene, trying to find the small part that is somehow more important for him."

End Train & Flaminia

August 22, 2018

"It's August 2015 and we are at Berlin Atonal where we find a hidden room with a stroboscopic installation and the inspiration kicks in: how about we start our own platform to share music and art we like? So we came up with the vision of creating a label that inspire others with music, experiences, art and stories."


July 06, 2018

"At the time like today, I always draw my inspiration in the same way. I spend a lot of time in nature marveling at the beauty of my surroundings. There are then images that remain anchored in my mind and, when I'm in front of my computer, I just have to close my eyes to see these landscapes scrolling again. This is indirectly a form of meditation and escape for me, constantly present at any time of the day."


June 13, 2018

"I think its dangerously important - we’ve only just started to scratch the surface of the negative effects of the touring DJ but also for the “not-so-touring DJ”. I would be lying if I said I’ve never had issues myself, it can get really tough sometimes in any creative industry I think, putting your soul into a creative output only to feel like you’re being pitted against others in a contest for attention… this undoubtedly has an effect on one’s mental health but I’ve personally found my own ways of negating that."


June 05, 2018

"I think the techno scene is totally polarised, and this year is all about to confirm this. Techno became mainstream; the word ‘Techno’ became too many things and I hear again the worst stuff from the genre… but at the same time new artists and labels emerge with amazing ideas and in some spots the best of what this word means to me is happening."

Michal Jablonski

March 07, 2018

"We can hear a lot about the commercialisation of the genre lately. It makes me sad, that some artists openly admit that techno is just business to them. In the times of the Internet and social media, it’s easier than ever to achieve success. Now everyone can be a DJ, producer or own a label. I don’t think it has the best influence on the scene. However, there are still tons of wonderful music and talented artists among us. I believe that quality and sincere passion will always be appreciated."

September 28, 2017

"I think everything happened for a reason. Starting for me, it was already for passion, I started to listen to music, I went to some parties, I see the figure of the DJ and somehow, I wanted to find myself there… not forgetting I come from the dance fxloor, so I always keep this in my mind when I perform, I like to imagine: what if I myself am on the floor, how will I perceive myself, so I want to try and give something more, give some of my personality."

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