Mental Health Awareness & On the 5th Day

The topic of mental health is one that is very close to our hearts and so for some time, we’ve been toying with the idea of utilising the On the 5th Day platform to have more of a conversation about it. 1 in 4 people in the UK are experiencing mental health issues, and an estimated 450 million people worldwide, yet despite it affecting so many of us, there is still a huge amount of stigma and fear surrounding the subject; it’s still very much the elephant in the room - a topic we’re scared to touch.

Here’s a thought worth pondering however. What if we continue to nurture a society that not only works to understand and accept mental health in all its forms, but embraces it. As something affecting so many of us, this can surely only help in moving us closer towards a more conscious, accepting, loving, free and open society - one which empowers each and every individual to embrace who they are and to seek support when they may need it; a society which doesn’t shy away from topics and issues it perhaps can’t fully understand but instead, works towards befriending these with open arms and curiosity.

So what about the music we love and mental health?

Techno in its truest form encompasses freedom and unity, openness and connection and is a celebration of the essence of each of us, the beauty of originality and the power of people unified by shared values and beliefs. Amidst all the craziness of our world, as we try to make sense of it all, and of ourselves, techno can ground us; we find meaning and calm in the rhythms, friends and soulmates at events, respite, refuge, love and light in all that it embodies and represents. Our own personal experiences show us that it can be a tool for letting go in the most healthiest of ways, strengthening our connection to ourselves above and beyond any struggles or mental health challenges we may encounter. It may even help us to heal if approached in the right way. We’ve experienced this ourselves, and this is one of the messages we’ll continue to share.

Reassuringly, there is slowly but surely an increasing amount of dialogue around mental health, within the electronic music scene too: venues and promoters linking up with causes and pledging their support, artists openly discussing the obstacles they face when it comes to their own mental health, which can only do positive things in inspiring more openness from others who might otherwise feel choked. Perhaps understanding that when we talk about mental health, we’re talking about everything from phobias and anxiety, to eating disorders and depression, to more rare conditions such as personality disorders and schizophrenia... a whole host of issues that go beyond what we might have at first associated with the term. Perhaps remembering this can help to break down some of the remaining barriers standing in the way of more healthy conversation taking place.

The fact is that if we talk about it more and take more positive action - whether that be broadening our understanding, approaching the topic with more of an open mind or offering a listening ear when it might be needed, then there can only continue to be bigger, even healthier moves in the right direction.

We absolutely and wholeheartedly want to be a part of this movement. The shift in consciousness that the world is experiencing can only be strengthened and enhanced if we strive to better understand and embrace mental health - continue to move beyond fear.

With today marking the start of Mental Health Awareness Week organised by the Mental Health Foundation, it feels like the perfect time to kick-start things!

Going forward, we want to use the On the 5th Day platform to talk more about mental health - not to fill your feed with heavy chit chat, but to bring it to light in a positive and enlightening way. The core message is simple and is one we can all already relate to. We are one. Despite where we’re born, what our genetic make-up is, what we go through in life and no matter how it affects us, we’re ultimately one and the same.

This is the message we will continue to share and we hope if you’re struggling, you’ll take some small comfort from this, just like we have.


Photo credit: Pierre-Alain D