#033 Aleja Sanchez

Colombian DJ and producer, Aleja Sanchez is the beautiful mind behind our 33rd podcast. Someone who is in the driving seat of the Colombian techno scene, with increasing recognition on an international scale, her ever-growing discography of consistently outstanding releases and remixes play testament to her skills and creative hunger as an artist. Aleja's ability to portray emotion and energy through music in the way that she does has left us breathless on countless occasions. If you're not yet familiar with her work then look no further than Illegal Alien Records, Nachtstrom Schallplatten, Planet Rhythm and Spectralband to fully immerse yourself in her creative outputs, or of course sit back and check out this hour-long musical journey from the lady herself.


  1. Fear and Hate - Aleja Sanchez [KDC202]

  2. Mosam Howieson- Untitled II [SSX 03] 

  3. Dorian Gray - Solivagant [ASCETIC002]

  4. Aleja Sanchez - In Front of Falsehood I [Unreleased] [IA193] 

  5. Korridor - Solaris [Unreleased]

  6. Abdulla Rashim-Donostia [SEMANTICA 10.III]

  7. Fixon -Time Owner [ANA011]

  8. Aleja Sanchez - From Caterpillar to Moth [NTS001]

  9. Eyth - Nitide (Aleja Sanchez Remix) [Unreleased] [NTS0010]

  10. Edit Select & Antonio Ruscito-Projection 6 [EDITSELECT29LP1]

  11. Ricardo Garduno - Over it [IA190] 

  12. Echologist & The Automatic Message High Noon (Ricardo Garduno Tool Mix) [IA184] 

  13. Fugal-Oil Panes (Svreca Remix) [SN001]

  14. A Thousand Details - Cauchemar I (Aleja Sanchez Remix) [Unreleased] [NTS0013]

  15. Baall - Ikiryo [Unreleased] [NTS007]

  16. Claudio PRC & UNC - CXXV [TGPExtra003]

  17. Aleja Sanchez - In Front of Falsehood II [Unreleased] [IA193] 

  18. Oscar Mulero-Subterranean [SEMANTICA 10.VII]

  19. Mari_Mattham -Sadist Animal (Kike Pravda Remix 1) [Unreleased] [IA192] 

  20. Aleja Sanchez - The Acheron Passage I [Unreleased] [IARLTD] 

  21. DJ Saint Pierre -Clouds Part 1 [IA191]