#032 Akanin Swalkkyer

For our 32nd On the 5th Day podcast we bring you Tuscany born DJ and producer, Akanin Swalkkyer. When this mix hit our inbox a few weeks ago we were in Berlin warming up for a Sunday Berghain session in the cozyness of our rented apartment... we listened through once and were completely captivated by the journey that had been woven together, so we listened through again. It was a total no brainer to share this with you.

Driven by a passion for Detroit and European techno, house and acid, Akanin Swalkkyer made it his mission to become fully immersed in the music scene, taking it upon himself to organise a number of events in his home town, whilst steadily building an impressive vinyl collection to reflect his love for the music. All the while, he has been busy in the studio working on a solo LP, as well as joining forces with an Italian friend to form A:L (www.facebook.com/aellectronics) which is now his primary focus. The pair are focusing on delivering what they describe as deep-tunnelling techno, strong on the grooves and sweeping ambient soundscapes. We will be following them closely that's for sure!


What you're about to hear is a stunning, emotionally driven, deep and rolling hour-long mix, including a number of his own unreleased productions - right up our techno street.


  1. A:L - Veduta I (Intro) [Unreleased]

  2. A:L - Dendrite F [Unreleased]

  3. A:L - Veduta IV [Unreleased]


  5. A Sacred Geometry - Atheres [ASG003]

  6. Flogo - Eresidae [AHRPE004]

  7. A:L - Veduta II [Unreleased]

  8. Gotshell - Episode 2525 (Reggy Van Oers Remix) [NST138]

  9. Impact Unit - The Dread [SILENT10]

  10. Reeko - Electrica Phenomena [POLEGROUP14]

  11. Polar Inertia - Untitled 2 [Unreleased]

  12. Kas:st - Noumene [TPN006]

  13. A:L - Dendrite A [Unreleased]

  14. Dadub feat. Edit Select - Circle [SACD003]

  15. Aquiver - Outro [Unreleased]