#065 - Alan Backdrop

It's podcast time again, friends. This time we bring you something a little different to complement the On the 5th Day podcast palette, contributing its own warm, vibrant colours to the stream in a way that can only attributable to one very special artist. Alan Backdrop (aka Alessio Meneghello),

Spearheading the way in musical journeys with a deep and atmospheric feel, here is a perfect example of the evocative stories Backdrop is known for. It is also, for us at least, a spirited celebration of a musically rich summer and an increasing number of intimate techno, experimental and ambient festivals around the world uniting music and nature in the most perfect of ways (Parallel, Tundu Open Air, Harmony Open Air, Modem et al), most of which he has performed at himself. No surprise there.

Like so much music we're finding ourselves drawn to these days, his is a sound which feels like it's in tune with the vibrations of the universe, the deep, richly textured grooves, mellow underlying baselines and glistening percussions pulsating with life's energy and the magic of connectivity. With releases on the likes of Semantica, Hypnus Records, Mental Modern and Prologue, to name but a few, Backdrop is a dedicated studio dweller, forming strong bonds with multiple synthesisers over the years in order to develop the Alan Backdrop sound his loyal followers have grown to love.

With a London appearance coming up at Pickle Factory on September 22nd when he joins On the 5th Day regular Anthony Linell, immerse yourself here to simply reconnect, or to get a feel for what's in store.