#051 ASC

James Clements, otherwise known as ASC is the man behind On the 5th Day podcast #51 and this, 5th Day friends, is something really really special!

If you’re familiar with ASC then simply seeing the name will most likely get your heart racing, as you’ll have a fairly good idea of what’s in store. Here is a madly talented artist who perfectly personifies On the 5th Day – with an undeniable talent for capturing and communicating feeling through his music, injecting a multitude of heart and soul into an everlasting stream of consistently beautiful tracks across ambient, techno and beyond for near on 20 years. Yeh, that pretty much does it for us!

Producing since 1997, with his earlier musical undertakings focused on drum’n’bass (for which he was a prolific producer for over a decade), ASC’s sound took a more ambient and experimental direction in the late 2000s, at which point he took a strong following of dedicated, open-minded admirers of the Clements originality with him, all hungry to see what would follow. What was to follow was some of the most original and impactful music to circulate the electronic world, melding together ASC’s earlier cross-genre musical influences as well as his ongoing inspirations, the sci-fi world included.

The launch of ASC’s Auxiliary label in 2010, intended as a blue print for quality deep electronic music (soon after growing a few sub-labels) went onto become a pioneering platform for his sound, with Sam KDC bought on board to help bring the boundary pushing vision of the label to life. Today, the imprint does everything it says on the tin - providing an abundance of quality deep vibes to lock you in, with its latest release being a collection of sequences programmed, performed and recorded live by the man himself.

If ambient is your thing, then ASC is 100% your man! Naturally drawn towards emotional, atmospheric sounds, ASC’s outputs in this field – including 7 stunning releases on the renowned Silent Season label – are scintillating and alluring, so much so that some of this music led him to work on both film and video game scores.

The musical journey ASC has crafted for us here, largely formed of brand new, unheard material, is the perfect trip showcasing the heavier side of his sound, whilst still encompassing the more emotional, atmospheric techno he's known for. This is another super special addition to the stream and one we’ll wholeheartedly treasure for a long time to come. Thank you ASC!

Support here:

SC: https://soundcloud.com/asc
FB: www.facebook.com/ASC77/
RA: www.residentadvisor.net/dj/asc