#063 - Entitet

Podcast #063 comes from Entitet, an artist who has remained in the shadows despite dedicating his life to his art.

We like to act in the inspired moment, following "that" feeling that arises when we know we're onto something good and spreading the love accordingly, and this is exactly why Entitet's podcast is featuring in our series... we got stuck in, fell in love with the story, and it was an instant no brainer to share it with you.

Entitet's music has featured on Berlin's Be Sure label - well worth checking out, with a new compilation on the same label due out in the coming weeks.

If you like 5th Day's sound, you'll love this... provocative, alluring and a beautiful journey... really lovely stuff.

Crack open a cold one, settle in and enjoy!

Support Entitet here:
> SoundCloud: @entitet & @besurelabel
> Instgram: www.instagram.com/entit.et/
> Facebook: www.facebook.com/entitet.sweden