#061 - Hydrangea

We’re beyond excited to be welcoming the sensational Hydrangea to Corsica Studios on 21st July, an incredible DJ and producer based in France but making beautiful, earthly ripples on the deep and atmospheric techno realms around the world; her personal ethos which can be felt throughout her music being: “Look deeper into nature and you will understand everything better.” We couldn’t agree more.

To immerse yourself in the sounds of Hydrangea is to immerse yourself in nature itself and with the attention given to her music - both productions and mixes - comes a very natural state of inner peace, acceptance and hopefulness. Spiritual techno, we like to call it, infused with atmospheric soundscapes and often deep, rolling, dub-like grooves grounding you like the roots of a tree. Pay a visit to Annulled Music and Natch Records to delve through her multiple releases, or of course settle into this very beautiful podcast recorded just for On the 5th Day to hear what we mean.

Hydrangea’s deep, contemplative sound, her talent for storytelling and the solidarity of her vision which radiates through everything that she does makes her a perfect artist for an On the 5th Day techno tale, and it was just a case of waiting for the perfect opportunity to lock her in. Svreca, who will make his second On the 5th Day residency appearance on the 21st of this month, shares the same sentiment when it comes to Hydrangea, which is why together we wholeheartedly agreed she belonged on this line up; and is also why her music has found itself on the Semantica label. We know Svreca is thrilled to be sharing a line up with her, and to be seeing her making her London debut.

As if her musical talents weren’t enough, Hydrangea is also a photographer and graphic designer, producing the visual work for the Inveins podcast series which captures the beauty of nature in its trust essence, as well as working on artwork for multiple releases and projects. We highly recommend checking her out on Instagram for a taster of her work.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/musichydrangea/
SoundCloud: @hydrangeamusic
Instagram: instagram.com/hydrangeamusic
RA: www.residentadvisor.net/dj/hydrangea