#037 Korridor

From us to you, we’re thrilled to bring you Korridor’s Live PA from our June event for your listening pleasure – and boy does it make for a pleasurable listening experience! If you were fortunate enough to be at Corsica then you’ll know just how stunning a performance it was; fuelled with feeling, emotion, life experience, and connected by beauty, pain and everything else that joins us all as beings – Korridor’s ability to convey all of these things through his music in such a mind altering way is, for us, what makes him so special. Listening to his performance on the night and observing his own unshakeable immersion in the moment was one thing; witnessing the response from 5th Dayers on the dance floor was another spectacle entirely. Initially, it seemed that his listeners couldn’t quite find their rhythm or sense of movement in alignment with the soundscapes, abstract textures and obscure rhythms Korridor was generating (although the inter-connectivity of it all was still clear to see). Then, it started…. people began to find their way, as if fully letting go and becoming engulfed in the music; bodies moving together in almost tribe-like form, but no two people moved in the same way.


Totally gripped by the whole experience, we couldn’t resist asking Korridor whether this was something he strived to achieve through his music, helping people to find something unique and truly expressive in that moment, he told us:

“Interesting observation! There is so much to say here.

In a video interview i did for Mugako Festival I was talking about "how everything is connected" - right. Very cliché. But in fact, it is true in some levels we can experience here. People just don’t like the fact. I like the fact that it is like this, on atomic levels I mean. In recent years, I tend to talk more and more about this and I also think it’s a bit magic. Let me explain why. Somewhere here in this mess on theoretical ideas we find intuition and intention. My intention is to make everything oscillate, my very being wants that, so then one powerful way of doing it is by expressing it through music, a method that I've learned. So, If my intention is to make everything oscillate then maybe, that is what you see on the dancefloor appearing as order being settled in movements. People who order themselves from the intention to oscillate together, I guess. Dance.. Again, it sounds cliché but also at the same time, it is true. Remember the balance.

Then we have the sounds, I believe there are some ways to deliver sound that integrate with all of this. I could also just describe everything in a very logical way, but it's boring. It's nice to feel like a catalyst for rhythm and melody. Some sounds just hook up to my ears and feel more "powerful" or, how to describe it… These sounds and methods are the ones I want to use, they oscillate correct. You can feel that some things are just right and will always be. Use that. Learn it. Mutate it. In some way, you can know that it will also be likeable by others. A psychedelic mess of balance in all directions.

But this is how everything works, it comes and goes in waves. And there is a way to hook up to it. I've found my way, everyone has their own. I like it though. Bring order into mess, bring mess, make order, balance, left right, up down, geometry, dance, ecstasy, fractal movements. All embedded into the sounds I choose, and we shall not forget to mention that other people also choose these methods, parts of it or in fact the same method. I think it's not so weird that people hook up to it, that is what I want, that is what they want. That is what π want. It's a transaction, a mutual agreement of oscillation basically"