The On the 5th Day journey to date has been an adventure to say the least - one defined by chance meetings, not to be forgotten nights and inspiring conversations. There are a whole host of people that have played a significant role in its evolution, inspiring the 5th Day founders with their mindset and love for the music, introducing them to new sounds and new artists along the way and helping to shape On the 5th Day into what it is today. Lucien Biscop is without a doubt one of the 5th Day pioneers we have to thank, although he'll be quick to humbly disagree, and so it gives us pleasure of massive proportions to bring you this podcast from the man himself.

An On the 5th Day resident, Lucien is responsible for gluing together our nights at Corsica, stepping in between the other residents and of course, headliners to gel together the musical flow which On the 5th Day is becoming increasingly renowned for. Whether warming up at the start of the night, bringing his take on ambient techno to the room in order to pull 5th Dayers in, or peaking proceedings in room two where he's guaranteed to bring it, Lucien is a trustworthy techno curator, demonstrated further here through this eyebrow raiser of a journey.

DJ'ing aside, Lucien spends the majority of his time immersed in the studio, where he is working on crafting his first releases. For now, you can delve into his sound and inspirations here. 



  1. Yoldia - Almawashi

  2. Trento - Ruhig

  3. Siberian Night (Edit Select Remix) - Woo York

  4. Internal Fall - Abdulla Rashim

  5. Centipede - Shifted

  6. Liner (Original Mix) - Oscar Mulero

  7. 4 a.m. - Svarog

  8. Senza Titolo Two - Sleeparchive

  9. Disappeared In The Evening (Original Mix) - PEG

  10. 8.069 - 400PPM

  11. Utgard - Svarog

  12. Uncontrollable process of Self-Destruction - Kwartz

  13. Senza Titolo One - Sleeparchive

  14. Das Eismeer - Mike Parker

  15. Owl In Daylight (Original Mix) - Bas Mooy

  16. Sinapsis (Original Mix) - Kwartz

  17. Rage (Original Mix) - Bas Mooy

  18. Caje - Roman Poncet

  19. Ecliptic (Antigone x Shlømo remix) - AWB

  20. Freitag (Original Mix) - Sleeparchive

  21. Marga - Blawan

  22. Those Who Do Not (Original Mix) - Surgeon

  23. Razors (Original Mix) - Shifted

  24. Wyefield - Truss

  25. The Politics Of Dying (James Ruskin Remix) - Sigha

  26. 7 World Line - Traversable Wormhole

  27. Mintaka - Syntaxism

  28. Melt to One - Anthony Linell