#018 Michael Wells

Michael Wells, founder of London based techno label, Weekend Circuit, took our Corsica Studios room 2 revellers on a unique and mighty journey back in June. Our 18th podcast (with track listing) from Michael delivers more of the same: driving grooves and rhythms interspersed with atmospheric and in places mind-bending leads powering you through.


  1. Plantary Assault Systems - Interlude 4 (Ostgut Ton)

  2. YYYY - Regain (Lucy Remix) (Weekend Circuit)

  3. Christian Wunsch - Vengence Part 1 (Reeko Remix) (Tsunami)

  4. Architectural - Elliptical Storm (Non Series)

  5. Christian Morgenstern - Little Green Apples (Jeff Rushin Remix) (Konsequent)

  6. Mike Parker - Current V.2 (Christian Wunsch Remix) (Tsunami)

  7. Lucy & Rrose - Peeling (Stroboscopic Artefacts)

  8. Hironori Takahashi - Gaizar (ARTS)

  9. Par Grindvik - Rested (Stockholm LTD)

  10. Shlomo - Obsession (Drums Takeover Mix) (Wolfskuil)

  11. SNTS - A2 (Horizontal Ground)

  12. Kike Pravda - Solid State (Eric Fletcher Remix) (Children Of Tomorrow)

  13. UVB - Move On (47)

  14. Delusive Manoeuvres - DM 2.1 (Stanislav Tolkachev Remix) (Delusive Manoeuvres)

  15. Overtal - Blind John (KVD Remix)

  16. Planetary Assault Systems - The Last Scene (Ostgut Ton)