#053 Michal Jablonski

Ahead of his appearance for On the 5th Day this coming weekend, we're delighted to bring you an exclusive interview and podcast (DJ set) from Poland's much cherished Michal Jablonski.

You've most likely noticed that Jablonski has been making some powerful waves on both the Polish and international techno scenes of late; waves formed of relentless energy, personality, punch and fearlessness - a pretty effective combo if you ask us! As an artist who has until recently focused on live performances mostly formed of entirely original productions, we’re super excited to hear how he jells together a hybrid set, ensuring the Jablonski flair the techno world is coming to love so much is woven throughout, ready to engulf room two revellers and take them on a mighty ride.​ Word on the street is that he has something pretty special in store for us!

What Michal conveys in his sets is also communicated through a library of serious, no messing about productions which we definitely recommend exploring, often with an industrial twist and heftier, mean underlying backbone which we've definitely found ourselves hooked on (released on the likes of New Rhythmic Records, Circular Limited and Sonntag Morgan, amongst others).

As if being inspired by Michal’s musical prowess wasn’t enough, getting to know artists like him is another one of the beautiful perks of what we do and so it gives us huge pleasure to be welcoming him and sharing this podcast and interview with you. This personal, heartfelt insight into Jablonski's world and the music he loves so much is the perfect stimulation for the body and mind and his recorded DJ set will no doubt leave you gagging for the weekend and what's in store for us.


Read our interview with Michal here :goo.gl/b6jLua