#030 Moteka

For our 30th podcast we bring you Moteka, a techno dj and producer from Marseille. The last couple of years have been quite prolific for the French artist, with his productions released on Children of tomorrow, Skryptöm and Newrhythmic to name a few. Moteka’s dark and sophisticated sound is becoming more and more unique, with a huge focus on deep atmospheres, raw rhythms and finely detailed structures. In his studio, which can be rather considered as a Techno laboratory, he is constantly pushing forward his sonic experimentations looking for the perfect mixture of mind-bending textures and powerful structures.



  1. Moteka - Asgardia 001 (unreleased)

  2. Moteka - Xytyru

  3. Irshad Hussein - Obastan 2

  4. Matteo Cortese - In Un Angolo Acuto VII (demo)

  5. Pär Grindvik - Detached

  6. Monolike - Larkhill (Fixeer Remix)

  7. Mike Parker - Inversion 6

  8. Moteka - Peristasis

  9. Moteka - D208 (unreleased)

  10. Moteka - Xysilyl

  11. Abdulla Rashim - Of Water and the Spirit

  12. Moteka - D202 (Unreleased)

  13. Dino Sabatini & Giorgio Gigli - Nereus