#035 Ness

The highly influential yet sublimely grounded Ness is the man behind our 35th podcast. This is most definitely another very very special addition to the series so far, and one we couldn't feel more honoured to bring to you. Musically, Ness is considered a front runner for the deep techno genre, moulding an individual sound and personal style straight from the heart - a result of nearly two decades of music exploration and immersion in the form of DJ'ing, sound engineering and through establishing his very own record store in his hometown, Sardinia - with his very first label, Mono Records, following two years later. With an organic evolution in personal interests taking him from DJ'ing alone through to production too, Ness swiftly proceeded to capture the unwavering attention of the international techno community, with releases on the likes of Prologue, Dynamic Reflection, Ear to Ground and of course The Gods Planet, his second label launched in 2010 alongside fellow techno pioneer, Claudio PRC (together known as The Gods Planet). What we love about him the most we hear you ask... the completely addictive, deep, rolling grooves characteristic of his productions aside? His total dedication to keeping it real - allowing his creativity complete freedom to do its thing and inviting appreciators to join him on each phase of his musical journey, illustrated through his most recent LP, Trancemigration, released on The Gods Planet. For now, enjoy this podcast from the man himself.