#038 Nørbak

For us, Nørbak is one of 'those' hidden gems... You know, when you’ve dedicated endless hours to treasure hunting and suddenly find your attention fully consumed as a track catches your ear, igniting something in your soul and proceeding to give you that ‘kid in a sweet shop’ kinda feeling! Yup, you’re with us now. Nørbak’s four-track EP, Conduction, released on Circular Limited in April 2017 and one of five EPs under his belt (also reaching Spieth’s Affin & Illegal Alien Records) was our first chance encounter with this intriguing Portuguese artist. With production fuelling the fire in his belly for the large majority of his life and his outputs doing what we like best – seductively minimal, deep, emotion and thought provoking - we couldn’t help but humour our intrigue and see if we could find out how his creative yearning is translated across to a mix. Fortunately for us, he was more than happy to oblige.