#060 - Pris

True originality isn’t always easy to find; being able to draw inspiration from whichever sources you’re pulled towards and then craft something that is identifiable as yours - full of character and purpose and always leaving the listener gagging for more is not an easy task (major understatement).

Step forward Pris - someone who seems to have nailed the task!


Over recent years, Pris has been absorbing inspiration and receiving close support and guidance from three major big guns on today’s scene - Sigha, Shifted and Svreca, all of whom, fortunately for us, know a good techno thang when it’s in front of them! Pris’ music has thus been brought to life on the likes of Avian and Semantica - solid credibility stamps right there - together with his own imprint, Resin (to name but a few). His outputs are consistently gritty - their very own beautiful blend of quirky, rhythmic and intense - perfect for a truly immersive raving experience!


As if this epic hour-long podcast (#060) wasn't enough, ahead of his appearance for On the 5th Day on June 16th when he wow'd room two, Pris kindly agreed to answer a few questions about his journey so far. We’re massively grateful for his openness which gives a beautiful insight into the mind and motives of one of the most invigorating artists on today’s scene. Check the interview out here: www.5thday.co.uk/pris-interview.