#064 - Sam KDC

The biggest, most badass love goes out to Sam KDC who has gifted us with an absolutely astounding podcast (#064) ahead of his On the 5th Day appearance at Corsica Studios on September 1st. If you’ve been an avid collector of game-changing, quality techno and experimental over recent years then you’ll most likely know the score. Sam KDC (aka Samuel Wood) is a devoted boundary pusher within the electronic music field, producing since 2002 and making his own solid and hugely significant mark during the years that followed. Working closely alongside fellow musician ASC (James Clements), Sam KDC played a critical role in shaping the revolutionary vision of ASC’s Auxiliary label,


contributing a multitude of releases along the way, helping to ensure it became the go to for deep, “outside the box” techno that it is today. He and ASC are also the pioneers behind the unique style that inspired Grey Area, a label collaboration between Samurai and Auxiliary, uniting 128 bpm with 170/85 bpm in a seamless, polyrhythmic, big impact manner.

As demonstrated herewith, Sam KDC’s mind-bending approach to techno and experimental, and the characteristics and complexities of his style - with its multiple BPMs and dynamic, shifting hearty pulse - culminate in an almighty rhythmic hurricane fuelled by a strong emotional power, sweeping you through mountainous peaks and caverns before releasing you in a breathless heap on the floor! His meticulously controlled sets, vibrating with depth and tension make it impossible to turn your attention elsewhere… and the good news is there’s plenty more where this came from when Sam is united with Corsica’s better than ever almighty sound system on September 1st. Enjoy! ❤