#039 Stephan Montano

Our latest podcast comes from Brighton-based DJ and producer, Stephan Montano and once you've dipped in we think you'll agree that the sea air has been doing him a whole world of good. Exploring the deeper, more hypnotic side of things, where less is more and minimalism still speaks powerful and wondrous volumes, our 5th Day ears were once again more than fully satisfied when we found this heady ride sitting in our inbox (lucky things that we are!). Montano strikes an alluring and hugely effective balance between the minimalism we all love, whilst also keeping things, in his words, "tough, tight and rhythmic", and we couldn't agree more. In our eyes, a perfect combo!

When he's not exploring the ever-expanding realms of deep and minimal techno through DJ'ing, Montano manages an impressive podcast stream through Øbskure, another highly effective means through which he explores and communicates his love for the genre, as well as managing the Øbskure and Archived Records record labels which showcase a range of techno and electronic sounds from around the globe. These labels are also the fortunate homes to his own work which we urge you to delve into - starting with his Roots EP due for release in September this year.

Anyway enough from us, let the music do the talking and as ever, we hope you enjoy!