#029 Svarog

On the 5th Day podcast no. 29 comes from another 5th Day favourite, Svarog - an underrated artist with a truly individual sound whose journey it has been an inspiration and a pleasure to follow over the last two years. His impressive library of releases on labels such as Pole Group, Faut Section, Nachstrom Schallplatten, Illegal Alien Records, Circular Limited and New Rhythmic play testament to his innate ingenuity and musical skill, with his inspiration being drawn from his travels and surroundings and injected into his work with beautiful intention. With much happiness we bring you this hour-long, power-driven, emotion fuelled mix. Thank you, Svarog!



  1. Luigi Tozzi - Jormungandr

  2. Plants Army Revolver - Diaspora

  3. Edit Select - Antonio Ruscito-Projection 6

  4. Infektion -Aura

  5. Claudio PRC - Utopia

  6. Dorian Gray - Triquetra

  7. JUDAS - Revulsion II

  8. Modular Phaze - God Rejects Your Requests

  9. Ruhig - Sciame

  10. Ruhig - Materia

  11. Amandra - Arcamaya

  12. Mind Machines - Dont let go (Svarog remix)