#044 Tarmo Paluoja

Estonian Tarmo Paluoja is definitely an up and coming artist to keep a close eye on! When his podcast hit our inbox some time ago it was a clear and resounding “hells yes” from the 5th Day team, and much later, after sending a fresher recording reflecting the evolution of his sound as a result of a summer full of gigs, we liked what we heard a whole lot more! We're big on connecting with like-minded artists at different stages of their journeys who can show us a thing or two about story-telling, and this hour long dark and provoking beauty from Tarmo is exactly the kind of techno tale we like to immerse ourselves in. For someone who is at in the earliest stages of their own musical story, we’re pretty damn impressed. Deciding to step up his musical yearnings into a more practical endeavour over a year or so ago, Tarmo got his hands on his first controller in 2016, teaching himself to mix and just three small months later, landing himself his first gig. Another three months after that and he was warming up for Blind Observatory. This summer he found himself playing for underground events in his home country on almost a fortnightly basis, and we can only imagine how well his taste for driving, deep, dark and innovative sounds went down amongst techno fanatics who were lucky enough to hear him do his thing! With production and a new event series in the pipeline as side projects, we’re excited to see where his journey takes him next. For now, enjoy what he has to offer.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tarmopaluojamusic/
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/tarmopaluoja