5th Day Residents Revealed: Lucien Biscop

To kick-start our On the 5th Day ‘Residents Revealed’ feature we bring you our much cherished Lucien Biscop - an artist with a love for melancholic elements in his techno and who nearly resigned when we asked what his top 3 favourite tracks of all time were… he does have a point!

Whether warming up at the start of a night, bringing his take on ambience to the room in order to pull 5th Dayers in, or peaking proceedings in room two where he’s guaranteed to consistently bring it, Lucien can always be relied on to to deliver.

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So its fair to say we know you pretty well by now, but for the sake of the not so familiar, tell us a little bit about yourself and the short and sweet version of what’s bought you to where you are today.

It probably all started with a love for music; not very original but that’s the reason why. From a young age I always enjoyed discovering new music. I then realised later that I also really liked sharing it. I was fascinated by DJs but always thought that it was inaccessible for me - I’m too old, or I’m going to ridicule myself. But then one day I googled “become a dj” and the rest was a one step at a time journey. A combination of hard work and luck, to be part of the On The 5th Day family is what made me where I am now.

What is techno to you?

I have a very wide taste in music, I particularly like sad music regardless of the genre, and techno really doesn’t lack melancholic tracks. When playing it fully allows me to express myself. I’m discovering new tracks and artists that I like almost every day, that’s one of the reasons why it’s the genre that satisfies my hunger for new music the most. It’s also the music that allows me to get completely lost regardless of my mood, the location or the activity. It will affect my mood but out of the very varied sub genres in techno, I can also easily select something that will correspond to my mood of the moment.

What have been your most magical On the 5th Day moments so far, both sides of the decks?

That is a difficult question. Every On the 5th Day has had its unique moments, every party brought something different, a bit like a new chapter in a story. Behind the decks, it’s going to sound un-elaborate, but maybe just recently the last September party when mixing 3 tracks that I had never imagined would have worked together and getting a very good response from the crowd. I am very self critical and when it comes to playing or producing, I depend a lot on others’ opinions, so I must have been smiling a lot in that moment.

In front of the decks, I cannot remember a moment that has not been magical, it is very difficult to choose one in particular. If I really have to choose it might have been for the Semantica showcase, obviously a great lineup and the crowd that it attracted made it a very nice party.

In your view, is there a particular artist On the 5th Day has booked who perfectly captures the heart and soul of On the 5th Day and what we stand for?

These questions are not getting any easier [our bad]. I think if I had to choose it might be Svreca or Abdulla Rashim. In my opinion their productions or their mixing are a good definition of what On the 5th Day is about. From a DJ’s point of view, every time I hear them play it is the equivalent of a masterclass, and from a dancer’s point of view it is always an absolute pleasure. Flawless mixing that makes complete sense from the beginning to the end which will send you into a trance.


Can you tell us about the inspirations behind your recent On the 5th Day podcast (which is frickin’ lovely by the way!)

The inspiration behind my mix was partly my mood at the time and also artists/tracks that I enjoyed in the moment. I always think that my mixes are a direct reflection of who I am at the moment I play them. Any external stimuli somehow will make a difference whether it’s the painting that I just looked at, the weather outside or a memory. Of course this mix was prepared but I would definitely have played it differently or changed it altogether if recorded on another day. Although I think all my mixes have these melancholic elements which really define the music that I like.

What for you makes a positive crowd / party vibe?

It’s a combination of different things but when you take your eyes off of the decks and you realise that the whole crowd is dancing in rhythm, as one, with their eyes shut, when music is the only connection, it almost makes me shiver thinking about it. Most of the time I would say that the location/lineup attracts the right people. The vibe is a direct consequence of the promoter’s approach and connections.


We’re intrigued, can you name your top 3 tracks of all time?

Definitely not easy, also it should be illegal haha, DJs cannot give secret weapons away. Looking at the play count on my rekordbox it appears that Reggy Van Oers | Tetra [The Gods Planet 2015] or Shifted - Vacive [HOS470] have been played quite a few times though. And maybe Polar Inertia - Hell Frozen Over [DM3D011], everyone knows that one and it has been a bit overplayed so I’m not really breaking grounds here. I have actually never played that last one, but the first time I heard it I was really wondering what was happening, “what spaceship or planet am I on” haha.

What else is happening in the life of Lucien at the moment, what else are you working on?

If I am not at work or preparing the next gig I am spending my time producing and spending money on buying new equipment. My main goal right now is to get an EP out. I have a lot of finished and unfinished tracks but nothing that I feel ready to be shared yet. It probably never will be completely ready but I want to take my time to hopefully reach a point where I will be satisfied (not happy, that will never happen ha) with the quality of my productions.

Whenever I find the time I really enjoy recording random things and that really inspires me. The rain, a river, machines, anything. A few weeks ago back at my parents’ place I found this really crappy stereo, a terrible thing. I turned it on and it made a really weird organic noise which was brilliant. Or recently I found that if my Analog Rytm is plugged on a specific USB port of my computer, it glitches, it drove me mad at first, I even contacted emailed Elektron but then I realised that some of these glitches sounded very cool.

Besides music I still enjoy driving fast cars, arts in general, photography and sports.

You can catch Lucien playing at our November event with Sigha, Antigone and VSK (https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1010134).